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  • How do I apply the bit wrap?
    Here is the link to a great video with detailed application instructions - Bit-Tex Application Instructions
  • I am having issues getting the bit wrap to stick.
    There are a few factors that could be affecting the self-adhesive quality of our bit wrap.... Cold temperatures cause latex to stiffen which will reduce the elasticity and stickiness of the bit wrap. If you are in an area of cold weather try heating up the product to room temperature as it will help restore the natural elasticity and stickiness of the latex. Our bit wrap was designed with two different sides. One side is rough and one side is smooth. The smooth side was designed to be the "sticky" side which should be the side facing the bit during application while the rough side should be the side that is facing away from the bit. Our product is made from 100% natural latex and was designed to be durable when stretched, make sure to really stretch the product when applying to a bit as this will help it stick better.
  • Do you offer wholesale pricing to retailers?
    Yes! If you are a retailer and are interested in carrying Bit-Tex in your store please reach out to for more information.
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